Compensation for delayed or cancelled European flights

by Brandon Loo | February 21, 2019  Delayed and cancelled flights are among the worst fates that can befall a busy business traveller. Missing important meetings, missing connecting flights to your next round of important [...]

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Travellers warned of free credit card insurance shortcomings

Acts of terror neglected in most policies The uptake of free travel insurance through premium credit cards in Australia is huge, with hundreds of thousands of travellers taking advantage of the service. But travellers [...]

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Pacific Islands, 9 nights, sounds tempting right?

Shanna from our team has just enjoyed 9 nights aboard Carnival Legend which cruised to the islands of Mare, Isle of Pines, Noumea and Lifou. Here are some of her highlights: We purchased a ‘guaranteed interior’ [...]

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Ever been to Doha?

Our GM, Simone, recently attended a famil to Doha, the capital of Qatar. Read on for her feedback from a travel agent’s point of view.

How my three decade career as a travel agent was heightened by technology?

Travel daily included our one and only, wonderful agent John Greene in their newsletter this week. He is 87 and inspires us all….


John Greene, our 87 year old travel agent! He is wonderful.

Today’s Technology Update is brought to you by Amadeus IT Pacific.
As an 87 year old, who has worked as a travel agent since 1982, I have seen the travel industry and the technology around it change drastically over the decades. When I first started out, everything was done manually. Customer records were kept on cards, you made airline reservations over the phone, wrote out tickets by hand, and the print version of the Official Airline Guide was your bible. This was obviously not the most efficient way to operate, but thankfully technology has really revolutionised the travel planning process. A great example of this came a few years ago when World Corporate Travel migrated to the Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. What surprised me the most about, was the ease of learning how to use the new technology. After just three days of training, I was easily able to check availability, look up fares, and place reservations. It also gave me the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime. This is especially important for me as I work from home several days during the week and value the extra time I can spend with my family. Reflecting on my career, I am amazed by how far technology has come and how it has really made the life of travel agents so much more efficient. My biggest tips for travel agents looking to have a career as long as mine is to keep your mind active, be positive, and above all be passionate about what you do.

By John Greene, Travel Agent, World Corporate Travel




Does your company need the services of a corporate travel agent?

The internet offers easy accessibility to travel information and booking resources so booking company travel should be easy right? It may seem that way but it is a very time consuming process and comparing sites doesn’t necessarily mean you are comparing apples with apples when it comes to the best price and the value adds.

If your company has employees that travel on business regularly, what is your current booking process? How do you control fares and what is spent? Do you have a risk management plan in place if anything goes wrong while they are away?
If you don’t use a travel agent already, here are four very important reasons you should consider using one…

1. Time, precious time!
Rather than spending hours researching fares, comparing fares, looking at maps and trying to book flights, accommodation and car hire in three separate transactions, using a travel agent means you can do it all with just one email. Corporate travel consultants have a heap of knowledge to share with clients and they can often come up with better options than a website. This might mean better flight connections or more value for money. In other words the comparisons and research is done for you and you are provided with the end result saving you time, a precious asset!

2. The bottom line.
How well are you reporting on your travel spend? Do you compare month to month or year to year? Our buying power will work in your favour and we can often help secure value adds that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Not only this but our thorough reporting process and analysis of your travel spend will ensure you are spending your money wisely.

3. Risk management.
There are many times that we have contacted companies advising them of situations overseas where they have travellers before they have found out from the traveller or the media. Our risk management kicks into place and we find the best way to get your traveller home safely or out of harms way.
When a company is responsible for the welfare of its employees travelling on business, a travel management company will give you peace of mind that your travellers have the support they need 24/7.

4. Rules.
Do you have a travel policy in place? If so, how do you monitor that the most cost effective options are being booked? WCT will enforce the travel policy on your behalf and give you feedback on compliance and expectations. We will make sure that you’re booking the most cost effective options too.

Call for an appointment so we can discuss your travel needs and see how WCT can produce a better process and fare saving opportunities on your all-important travel spend.


March 2016 – Best value for money in the world

Dragonfly Africa have put together a few examples of the incredible affordability South Africa offers right now for travel, conference and incentive programs.
This says it all – for the price of one glass of wine in Sydney will buy four glasses in Cape Town! Contact us if you would like more information!

Dfly Exchange rate flyer JAN 2016 AUD









October 2015 – Another happy travel client

2 people
Location – Barcelona – Morocco – Peregrine.

Crazy load - hay Foyer of accommodation in Marrakech Hill top view of part of the city of Fes Olive seller in Marrakech Medina Roman Ruins of Volubilis Ruins at an old palace in Casablanca The colourful water sellers of Marrakech






All arrangements made by Rebecca at World Corporate Travel went exactly to plan. The hotel in Barcelona was great, location to Gaudi’s Basilica perfect.  Hotel staff lovely, yes would stay again and you most certainly could recommend again, my room was lovely.

Ok what you really want to know is what I thought of Morocco and I suspect Peregrine as well.    Yes hotels aren’t quite what I would normally choose but you know as the old saying goes you get what you pay for and they in the main were clean, safe and fine.

Our guide – Rashid was very good. Quiet personality, knowledgeable and clearly a passionate Berber and proud of his country. He is very clever in so much as he has cultivated a great group of specialist guides at the various stops we made and this made quite a difference.

The tour was good, it covered quite a bit – Fes and Marrakesh were great and who’d have thought that a girl from the capital would get excited about Roman ruins in the middle of nowhere!!

The food tour in Marrakech – fantastic – would highly recommend. Went to some places that you would never have ventured into or found for that matter!

Cooking School – good – local wife and French husband team – she’s the chef (he is also for that matter) but she runs the food side of the class

Final thoughts – it’s a country that creeps up on you and the more time you spend there the more time I could have stayed.  Felt perfectly safe all the time.

Finally perfect arrangements that were faultless so thanks again to World Corporate Travel for all their help with my holiday – wouldn’t go anywhere without you guys!

Regards, Jen

Want to book a holiday like this? Enquire here.

July 2015 – Incentive group Maldives

16 people
Location – Maldives


Resort2 Page4 Conf2 OceanReefHouseDeckDaytime (5) LONU BY LUKE MANGAN INDOOR Dive1

Beanbags on the sand





Our incentive journey began with a flight to Malé International Airport (via Singapore) with Singapore Airlines. A seaplane was the next mode of transport and then a speedboat ride to Amilla Maldives Beach Resort. Amilla Luxury Resort located in the Maldives offers a choice of Island Homes that hover over crystal clear waters, nestle amongst lush tree tops or hug the shores of the pristine white sand.

First impression, WOW! To arrive at night after a long travel schedule we instantly felt the journey was worth it! We were already blown away, then we saw our room – remarkable! Style mixed with comfort, beautifully furnished, colours, ambience, fantastic layout and the definite sense of luxury. Butler service was immediately offered, the welcome note on the bed a lovely gesture and we even were offered to have our bags unpacked.

Waking up to the view each morning was beautiful, another wow factor. The feel of luxury in bare feet, the choice of spa treatments, the layout of the resort, individually served sunscreen and mineral water at the pool and the selection of restaurants was nothing short of indulgent. Lonu Restaurant by Luke Mangan (one of Australia’s leading chefs and restaurateurs) was a highlight. A beautiful, elegant, unique dining experience. We were even able to dine with Luke and hear about his career and passion for wonderful food.

One evening we enjoyed a wine and cheese evening in the Wine Cellar which has an impressive collection of 8,000 bottles of wines. Accompany a choice of wine with a selection of artisanal cheeses and voila an evening to remember. Diving in the tranquil, crystal clear water with coral gardens and reef fishes was a memorable experience. Hanifaru Bay, a marine protected is one of the options for with a Dive instructor at Amilla. Hanifaru Bay attracts large groups of manta rays and whale sharks – a sight to see!

Amilla Fushi translates into ‘My Island Home’. So true. An amazing experience, would definitely bring another incentive group.



Wednesday, 26 May 2015 – Incentive in Vietnam

Brooke took a client of ours to Vietnam last week and ran an incentive program for their high achievers. Brooke has given us some of her highlights below:

Air360 – Welcome Dinner Venue Welcome to Vietnam! Newly opened rooftop bar with a beautiful 360 degree view of the city. No better way to welcome the  high achievers to the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh.

US Army Jeep Rides  Exciting transfer back to the InterContinental Saigon after visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels. We had a fleet of 8 jeeps powering through the streets  of Ho Chi Minh city. The drive took place during peak hour (which didn’t really slow us down) and it was mind blowing to see how much traffic the city copes with on  a daily basis. Countless bikes transferring friends, families, children, dogs, chickens, ladders, coconuts, fridges……you name it!

 Farewell BeacIMG_9079h Dinner  An elegant (yet casual) end to an exciting incentive trip. We invited the group to kick off their shoes and enjoy anevening on the beach at  the Fusion Maia. We started the evening with drinks watching the sun go down, followed by a fresh seafood buffet and ending with everyone dancing to the wonderful  band on the sand.

 Guests feedback on the variety of the program On the last night, I spoke with most of the attendees about the trip. All were extremely happy with the week  away and sad that it was coming to an end. Lots of attendees commented on the fact that the program had variety. They said it was a great mix of group activities and  down time to just relax. In Da Nang, attendees had the option to participate in half day tours if they would like too. These tours where taken up by some of the guests  who said they were ‘brilliant’ and a wonderful way to see the local area. Others who stayed at the hotel enjoyed the opportunity to simply relax at the hotel or explore  the destination on their own.

Wednesday, 06 May 2015 – We love hearing good feedback

Brooke, you are legend but like the biggest superstar of the year legend!!! We will give you a job in a heartbeat. Thank you so very much for doing the allocations, we appreciate this immensely and it has saved us a lot of time and stress. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 – Winter Conferencing

EventConnect have conducted an interview with our Gary Bender to hear his say about the benefits of holding your conference during the winter months. Listen here to what Gary has to say.