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We are proud to sustain a point of difference in continuously delivering successful events by becoming part of your team to deliver your vision.

A highly successful independent conference, event and incentive management team at wct has been providing quality service to a range of clients for over 20 years.

1. We start by understanding your objectives and the event vision that you have.  

2. We become a strategic partner for your business and a part of your team. 

3. We finish by delivering an event that is seamless, creative, inclusive of lasting memories and consistent with your business’s branding and message.

Accountability is important to us which is why at any given time the Managing Director is just a phone call away and you can guarantee that he will have working knowledge of the ins and outs of every event. The services that wct can provide are clear and simple: we can assist with all aspects of your event from specific components to all inclusive event management.  We can do what you cannot, what you don’t like or the lot! 

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case study: wct puts the wow factor into a domestic event

wct manages to put wow into programs in even the remotest of destinations. This particular event had 130 delegates experiencing a full day of 4WD in the Australian Outback followed by sleeping out in brand new swags under the night sky. At the crack of dawn our guests senses were awoken by the sound and smell of a coffee machine, upon opening their eyes they saw a barista making coffee to start their day. Picture it… in the desert. An unexpected surprise, simple but memorable 

It is the extra touches that wct add to their events that set us apart from the rest.

case study: wct Director tells about one of his favourite memories from an event

Fiji was the chosen destination for this particular event being run by wct. A corporate responsibility community project was run as part of the program. Delegates painted and repaired pathways and buildings and helped with some construction in a local Fijian school. These corporate sector delegates were out of their comfort zone with shovels and spades but everybody put in 100%. 

At the completion of the project 50 local school children serenaded the group to say thank -you.  Spine tingling, beautiful and heart-felt.  Again, it’s the small things that can be so powerful.