case study one: it’s the little things

 wct-events manages to put wow into programs in even the remotest of destinations.

This particular event had 130 delegates experiencing a full day of 4WD in the Australian Outback followed by sleeping out in brand new swags under the night sky. At the crack of dawn our guests’ senses were awoken by the sound and smell of barristers cranking up their coffee machines, and waking up to freshly a brewed LATTE! Picture it… in the desert. An unexpected surprise, simple but memorable

It is the extra touches that wct-events add to their events that set us apart from the rest.

case study two: meaningful

One of wct-events director’s favourite memories from an event

Fiji was the chosen destination organised by wct-events. As part of the program a corporate responsibility community project was run. Delegates painted buildings, repaired pathways and even helped with some construction in a local Fijian school. These corporate sector delegates were out of their comfort zone with shovels and spades but everybody put in 100%.

At the completion of the project 50 local school children serenaded the group to say thank you.  Spine tingling, beautiful and heart-felt.  Again, it’s the small things that can be so powerful.

case study three: disaster recovery

A client cancelled a full EVENT in Queenstown 24 hours prior to 100 guests arriving. wct-events were asked to:

  • Rearrange ticketing for those attending the main event in Auckland.
  • Cancel all travel arrangements for the additional guests (spouses and partners).
  • Contact all suppliers and seek whatever credits would be granted.
  • Cancel post extension arrangements and reimburse individuals.
  • arrange Merchandise and gifts to go be directed to local charities


A recovery that was put into action that got everyone home safely the next day. The long standing client could not thank wct-events enough for our attention and protection of their investment and brand.

case study four: the care

An all-expenses paid overseas trip is what one of wct’s clients gave to their children and spouses. They requested the help of wct to plan and book the holiday and make it just perfect.

wct worked with the clients and did exactly this. We booked a trip to Italy for the family party of 11.  They shared a wonderful experience in a villa in Tuscany together for a week and then some of the family took the opportunity to extend their trip and visited Rome, Milan and Kenya.

Our personal service, the extra touches and impeccable planning exceeded the family’s expectations and they were so blown away by their trip that the parents have now invited their children to bring the grandchildren on the next annual gathering. This makes a travel party of 28. wct destination ideas for the future family trip include Heron Island to see the Turtles Hatching or Palm Cove.