In a fast paced world, we are all entitled to a break. A weekend away, an international trip of a lifetime, a cruise or simply seeing more of what Australia has to offer. At wct we have a team of passionate travel managers that know the ins and outs of every destination on the globe.

You will be provided with a dedicated consultant who will guide you, offer advice and will be available for you to contact through planning and while you are away. We understand that every client has a different need when it comes to planning their travel.  At wct our clients can come to us for:

Luxury travel – The luxury traveller has specific needs and wct understand this, our team will create an impressive and extravagant travel experience for you incorporating some of the worlds finest luxury hotels, resorts and experiences.

Family holidays – Booking a family holiday can be daunting – trying to find accommodation and experiences, even destinations that are suitable for families. At wct, we have a global range of contacts and can provide with a family holiday that is memorable for all young and old with a balance of relaxation and fun. 

Cruises – You may be interested in a cruise to the Pacific Islands, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mediterranean or Alaska, where-ever you would like to cruise to wct can assist you to choose the cruise that is right for you.

Special interest – Photography, history, golf, mountain biking, skiing or what ever passion you pursue, wct can help to make your dreams come true by putting together a travel itinerary to package your passion with the world.

Group tours – Small or large, group travel can be time consuming and complicated to arrange. Let wct take the hassle out of your group bookings by using our specialised group travel consultants. 

case study: wct exceeds expectation in leisure travel

An all expenses paid overseas trip is what one of wct’s clients gave to their children and spouses. They requested the help of wct to plan and book the holiday and make it just perfect.

Simone worked with the clients and did exactly this. She booked a trip to Italy for the family party of 11.  They shared a wonderful experience in a villa in Tuscany together for a week and then some of the family took the opportunity to extend their trip and visited Rome, Milan and Kenya. 

Simone’s personal service, the extra touches and impeccable planning exceeded the family’s expectations and they were so blown away by their trip that the parents have now invited their children to bring the grandchildren on the next annual gathering. This makes a travel party of 28. Simone is currently looking at destinations for the family such as Heron Island to see the Turtles Hatching or Palm Cove.